Build a business that fits your lifestyle

You’ve built a successful business, but feel overwhelmed and trapped by your business model…

Now, you’re wondering how to grow and scale your business when you can barely keep your head above the entrepreneurial water. 

The answer begins with re-thinking your business model and choosing one that works for the lifestyle you want to have.

Release date: TBD Spring 2022

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If you can relate to the struggle of building a business that isn’t aligned with your desired lifestyle, don’t worry…

The good news is that you’re in the right place and you don’t have to figure it out alone – that’s what Business Model Basics is here for!

You started your business to gain freedom, not become handcuffed to overwhelm. 

You may have listened to the gurus who said “>>THIS<< is the only way to build a successful business” (>>insert: sign 1:1 clients, create group programs, do webinars, post on Instagram every day, go live, build a Facebook group… the list quite literally goes on 🙄).

Whenever I connect with a new potential client, the first question they normally ask is what’s the best way to build my business? They’re desperate to know what the right way is. They’re yearning for someone to just tell them what will work to start, grow, and scale successfully.

But the truth is that there is NO one size fits all when it comes to creating the business that’s best for you!

It starts with choosing the "right" business model...

Everything works… whether you want to do 1:1’s, low-ticket, high-ticket, info products, group programs, VIP days, memberships, or anything else in between, it can work. The question to ask yourself is not what will work, but what will work best for me.

You have to start by getting clear on what will work for you – based on your personality… how you like to show up and give value. What is the lifestyle that you desire? What kind of revenue are you looking to generate? There’s room for everything – it’s just about figuring out where you should start and how you should grow and scale.

Your business should serve your customers, be based on your strengths and vision, and fit your lifestyle from day one. 


Business Model Basics

This is the step-by-step guide to creating an online business that serves your customers *and* fits your lifestyle.

We’ll not only breakdown the different online business models that you can choose from, but we’ll also dive deep into the pros and cons of each type. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to make a decision on which business model is the right one for YOU.

Release date: TBD Spring 2022

What’s inside the ebook?

Part 1: The Definition of Business Model

Let’s get on the same page with what a business model is and what it means when that term is used throughout this ebook.

Part 2: The Coaching/Consulting Model

Explore the different ways that you can build a business based on coaching or consulting in a specific niche.

Part 3: The Service Provider Model

Learn how you can build a business based on providing services where you create or complete tasks for businesses.

Part 4: The Information Model

A breakdown of how you can build a business based on using what you know as a basis for digital products and services.

Part 5: The Affiliate Marketing Model

In this section, we’ll explore how you can earn money without creating your own product but in promoting someone else’s.

Part 6: The Conclusion & Next Steps

We’ll end with a summary and wrap up of the key concepts so that you know exactly what steps to take next in choosing a model.

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Ready to learn how to create an online business that serves your customers *and* fits your lifestyle?

Release date: TBD Spring 2022

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She knows everything about how to create the right plan

“I just finished my marketing strategy intensive with Carin, and she is absolutely amazing. I mean, I have pages and pages of notes of things to work on and how to get my funnels in place and my upgrades and all the things. And I’m just so, so, so pumped. Carin is so extremely knowledgeable. She knows everything about how to offer bonuses and the plan to make and she lays it out super easy for you to follow. And she’s just amazing. So if you haven’t had your intensive with Carin yet, you need to sign up because she’s the best.”
– Kim Creigh, Creating Reading Adventures

Hi there! 👋 I'm Carin

When I started my first online business in 2012, I quickly realized that I was not building something that was in alignment with the lifestyle that I desired.

After pivoting into a professional blog and then into coaching, I’ve applied all of my business education and skill to creating the business that works for me. And now, I want to share my methods with you.

At Mixed Media Pros, our philosophy is that your business should serve you, not the other way around. If you’re ready to create a business ecosystem that works around your lifestyle and allows you to infinitely grow and scale, then grab your copy of this game-changing book and get started today!

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Gets to the nitty-gritty without making it overwhelming

“Before working with Carin, I was hesitant about my ability to follow through. She is SO easy to talk to and gets to the nitty-gritty of your goals without making it overwhelming and scary. Now, I feel ready to take action and make things happen!.”
– Marcia Sheehan, Connector Conference

You're just one step away

Ready to learn how to create an online business that serves your customers *and* fits your lifestyle?

Release date: TBD Spring 2022